May 2, 2016

The Reservoirs Are Full! The Southern California Drought Is Over

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Unless you dig deep into the articles about the nature of So Cal’s droughts, it is hard to fathom this simple fact – rain doesn’t matter that much. What really matters in water planning for the Southern half of the state is snow! The good news is that the snow came early and late this past winter and spring. That means that water is actually being released from full reservoirs to make room for the melting snow still to come.

Little know fact number two: Residential use of water is only about 7% of all water use, and half of that is irrigation. So while this does point to the potential efficacy of restricting water use for sprinkles during severe drought conditions, it certainly doesn’t suggest that cutting personal use in the home is going to be a very significant contributor to conservation.

Many water professionals are calling for completely eliminating the current conservations rules, until the spring of 2017 when we will have the data from next seasons snow pack.

How does the end of the drought effect California real estate? During the most severe years of shortages the real estate market was booming. As we go into the hot selling month of May – August, the market is steady, seemingly absorbing the large increases of the past several years. In other words there is no discernible impact.

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