March 26, 2016

21 Creative Ideas to Replace Your Dining Room

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.32.48 AMOr Design these rooms into your plan when you create the perfect home

Nothing stays the same. Formal Dining rooms are no longer used, even for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So more than a few folks are putting up a wall or redesigning the dining room space to add fantastic, fun places that will get much more use.

Perhaps your kids are getting bigger and need their own room and/or bathroom. Maybe Grandma is coming to stay for a while…(could even be more than a while). Or maybe you have always wanted a playroom for your kids. Whether it’s a utility room, home office or home theater – we know how exciting it is to begin the process. So, you are ready to get serious in making this dream happen? Whether you are designing a new home from the ground up, a remodel, or just a room addition, here are some ideas of what to add for an amazing result.

21 rooms that everyone will rave about
You might already know exactly what the next room in the house should be. But, it will be less costly, less hassle, and more cost efficient to do multiple new rooms and any remodeling at the same time, than to do it pieScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.38.46 AMcemeal. So, lets do some brainstorming. And if I left out any great ideas, please add yours in the comments.

  1. Teenager’s private bedroom – Can you imagine the possibilities? Hidden closets, media centers, fully wired in, any color paint they want, storage for sports equipment. Go CRAZY!
  2. Pantry – Organized pantry space is a low cost way to transform your kitchen area. Utilizing space with pull out shelves and hidden cabinetry is an easy way to get organized and stay clutter free.
  3. Office – Make this area calm and clutter free by using light woods and blues and greens on the wall. Creating a warm calm place will be great for brainstorming and creating new ideas.
  4. Another office – Maybe you both need an office. His and Hers.Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.36.21 AM
  5. Home Theater – If you have the space to add on, or want to convert an existing room. This is a fun way to have a movie theater experience in your own home.
  6. Game Room – Love to entertain and host? The game room doesn’t have to be just for kids. Include a dart board and a bar area.
  7. Swimming Pool Room – If you live in an area that has strong winters this may be a great idea for you. Indoor swimming pools mean you can enjoy a dip in the pool any time of year.
  8. Spa – Don’t have space for a pool. Consider a spa or “spool” (spa/pool). Great for relaxing on a hot day or cold night.
  9. Pool House – If you have the extra space – this is a great way to keep all things pool separate from the main house. Include a shower, kitchen and living area with an indoor-outdoor feel and have an instant resort like feel.
  10. Grandma’s room – Or it could be grandpa or both. Make it their own space by adding a private entry, private bath and kitchenette.
  11. Art center – Create an inspirational room to create everything DIY. With organizing drawers, and space to lay out all of your arts and crafts, this is an essential space for any one with a love for creating.
  12. Music studio – If you love creating music – consider a custom room for you to rock out in. Sound proof walls, acoustic panels, and prewired for your recording needs will make you feel like the next big rock star!Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.39.51 AM
  13. Video production room – Crazy about creating and producing video content. Consider a room that has everything you need to have the next big trending YouTube video.
  14. Indoor gardening center – This room might pay for itself. Save big bucks and enjoy fresh produce year round. Use the room to store equipment for the outside gardening too.
  15. Laundry room – Tired of trying to turn around in the current laundry hallway or in front of the cars? Everything at your fingertips in a 6 X 8 laundry room. Add TV. Kids might even help.
  16. Workshop – No basement and no room in the garage to really build stuff? Create this room from the ground up with places for every tool, and plenty of room to work.
  17. Vanity – Maybe there isn’t room in your master bedroom to create a master bath suite. CreScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.05.16 AMate a new room for all the ladies in the house to pamper themselves.
  18. Another bathroom – But this time it isn’t just for guests. Luxury tub and showers. Full environmental cabinet or just a steam shower. Maybe a bidet’. Oui Oui
  19. Toy room – If you have or plan to have kids under 12, the toy box is or will be running over.There is no room in the room for the kid. Set up a room for the toys with lots of storage.
  20. Homeschool classroom – If you homeschool, you don’t want to have to put everything school related away every day; and I’m sure you don’t want to leave it out all the time. Set this room up once like a classroom.
  21. Maids quarters – Could also serve for a nurse as needed, room for foreign exchange students, guest room, or boomerang room for returning adult child. Room and a bath.

Given a few more hours there could be a longer list. Anything up there look like something you’d love to have at your place? We’d love to hear what rooms are your favorite, or what rooms we may have forgotten. Add your suggestions and comments below!


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