Selling Your Home, Townhouse, or Condo in West Los Angeles

Life is change. Stuff happens. Kids are growing, growing, gone. You've been transferred. Mom's moving in. More kids. You need a bigger tax write off. Lakers stink. Capitalize by cashing out at the height of the market. For whatever reason, you need to sell your amazing West LA property. Here's the good news! You've picked the perfect time. Now pick the perfect real estate agent.

Every home seller has the same two goals. 1) Sell quickly. 2) Get the maximum price. Belle Tsai knows - and knows it can be just as important to make the process smooth and stress-free. Teaming up with Belle and Sotheby's is teaming up with proven champions. Belle also understands that you may love your home and would love to sell it to someone who will truly appreciate and take care of it. Without compromising the big goals, Belle's compassion adds that human touch - a powerful influence in closing a happy sale.

Setting The Price

What is your home worth? This tough question pits your feelings about your home versus what the market says. It can be further complicated by an appraisal since they assess value based on the past while you're interested in attracting buyers who look only to the future. What's a seller to do?

Long answer: rely on a knowledgeable realtor who is backed by a time-tested powerhouse of a company. Sotheby's earns its reputation as the place to go to sell the world's most valuable assets.

Shorter answer: call Belle. In addition to the street smarts she's gleaned after 28 years in real estate, her team at Sotheby's provides substantial real-time data on sales, markets, demographics, and projections throughout Los Angeles.

There is no one right way to price a home. Some realtors start low to create interest and hope to start a bidding war. Other start high, hoping to set a precedent for the neighborhood. Most price at the market because that attracts serious buyers who are shopping that price point. Each approach has benefits and drawbacks. After discussing your needs, timing and objectives, Belle and you choose the strategy that will be most effective.

How Long Will It Take To Sell?

Lucky you - you're in a sellers' market. No one can predict with certainty how long that will last. But the national consensus is that interest rates will rise - which chokes off buying - and with little new inventory coming into the market place buyers are moving fast. At fair prices, desirable homes in good neighborhoods move quickly, sometimes within days.

Marketing Your Home

The more buyers, the better you'll do. Marketing works. No matter how nice your home, or how well-priced, or desirable the neighborhood, good marketing makes it better. Belle accesses the massive repertoire of Sotheby's International Realty marketing department to spread the word about your home. These options and opportunities are too myriad to condense here. In your consultation with Belle, she'll discuss each to be sure of having a successful strategy.

Negotiating With Buyers

Whether you have one potential buyer or several, besides the price and payment terms, there will be contingencies and conditions. Belle's history of developing a clientele of families who swear by her for generations, speaks volumes about the trust they have in her persistence and ability to fight for your best interests.

Once the contract is signed, it's great if both sides are happy. Belle ensure that that's true - but especially your side!

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